ICorr: Institute of Corrosion



The next Council events are:

The AGM will be held on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at Birmingham.

The next combined Trustees and Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at ICorr HQ in Northampton

The trustees and council members listed in the current draft Trustees Report for 2014/2015 is as follows:


President J. Fletcher

Vice President S. Vasey

Hon Treasurer A. J. Collins

Hon Secretary J. Lomas

Chair PDTC C. Atkins

Members of Council (Ex-Officio)

Past President T. Osborne

Chair PAC P. Lambert

Chair CED N. Smart

Chair CSD J. Wharton

Chair Young ICorr O. Lewis

Technical Secretary D. Mills

Technical Editor CM R. Akid

Chair Aberdeen Branch T. Hinds

Chair London Branch J. Glynn

Chair Midlands Branch A. Sharifi

Chair North West Branch P. Russell

Chair North East Branch N. Wilds

Chair Yorkshire Branch R. Green

Ordinary Members of Council (Elected and co-opted)

D Harvey

B. Peters

W. Cox

B. Wyatt

D. Harrop

G. Winning

B Crundwell