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There are 3 main categories within the magazine which we accept articles for which are as follows:

Institute News

Covers all the business, activities and achievements of the institute. If you have an article you feel would be suitable for this section please send us your copy and images using the form below.

Technical article

The main focus of each issue is a technical article covers one area of corrosion science or engineering. Our Technical editor Prof. Robert Akid approves articles for this section. If you have a technical article which you feel is suitable and would like it publishing in Corrosion Mangement please send us an abstract of the article (not the full article at this stage) and Prof. Akid will be in touch in due course. Alternatively you can contact Prof Akid directly at

Company News

If your company has a press release which you would like publishing in Corrosion Managment this is the section it would appear in. All articles have to be approved by our technical editor. Please submit your article using the form below.  

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