Membership Subscription Rates 2016 / 2017


Annual Rate
from 1st July 2016

Registration Fee

Membership Categories                         Free Student                *Free                               *Free
 Member £73.50 £15.00
Professional CategoriesTechnician £84.00 £15.00
 Professional £105.00 £15.00
 Fellow £130.00 £15.00


Sustaining Membership                            The annual rate from 1st July 2015 is £375.00 (plus VAT)

"GOLD" Sustaining Membership              The annual rate from 1st July 2015 is £725.00 (plus VAT)

New Applicants
All new applications for Ordinary membership must be accompanied by a payment of £88.50 The applicant will immediately be admitted into the Institute as an Ordinary Member.

*Applications should be accompanied by proof that you are a student to qualify for free membership.

January - March Applications
Applications submitted between 1st January and 31st March (ie. in the second half of the subscription year) need submit only half the annual rate plus the full Registration fee of £15 (ie. £51.75 for Ordinary Members).

April - June Applications
Applications during April, May and June will be treated as being made on 1st July.

Payment may be made by cheque or credit/debit card. Overseas members who wish to receive the Institute's journal Corrosion Management by air mail should add £20.00 to their subscription payment.

Grade Transfer
Applications for transfer to a higher grade should be made on the Professional Membership Application Transfer Form and be accompanied by a payment of £46.50, being £15.00 administration fee plus the £31.50 difference between Ordinary and Professional Membership or £25.50 being £15.00 administration fee plus the £10.50 difference between Ordinary and Technician Membership.

Candidates should realise that an application for Professional membership can take up to six months. While the Professional Assessment Committee makes every effort to process applications more quickly than this, they can be helped by candidates ensuring full and complete fulfilment of the requirements, especially the provision of an adequate training and experience report.

Subscription rates for Life Membership, Members in retirement and unemployed Members are available on request.