How to apply to become an individual member

Ordinary: The basic entrance grade just complete and return your application form with the appropriate fee.

NEW APPLICANTS: All new applications for Ordinary membership must be accompanied by a payment of £88.50 The applicant will immediately be admitted into the Institute as an Ordinary Member.

JANUARY - MARCH APPLICATIONS: Applications submitted between 1st January and 31st March (ie. in the second half of the subscription year) need submit only half the annual rate plus the full Registration fee of £15 (ie. £51.75 for Members). Applications during April, May and June will be treated as being made on 1st July.

PAYMENTS: Payment may be made by cheque or credit/debit card. Overseas members who wish to receive the Institute's journal Corrosion Management by air mail should add £20.00 to their subscription payment.


Subscription rates for Life Membership, Members in retirement and unemployed Members are available on request.

How to apply to become a Sustaining company member

To apply to become a Sustaining Company Member download and complete the application and return it to the Institute along with the correct payment.