There are two types of membership available; the first is Personal or Individual membership which is open to anyone with an interest in corrosion. The second is Sustaining Company Membership which is aimed at businesses within the corrosion industry.
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Individual Membership

Ordinary Member: Anyone with an interest in corrosion can join as an Ordinary member and receice the benefits of being a member of ICorr

Professional Member: Having become an ordinary member, those with suitable qualifications/experience may upgrade to become a Professional member ie Technician, Member or Fellow which entitles the use of TICorr, MICorr or FICorr accordingly, as letters after their name.

Student Member: Free Student Membership is available to students on an approved science or engineering based study programme for further infomation click on the link below. More info

Sustaining Company Membership

Sustaining Company Membership is rapidly increasing in popularity. Apart from the prestige value and increased exposure that a company or organisation receives from this form of membership, it also offers increased marketing opportunities. There are two grades, Sustaining Membership and 'Gold' Sustaining Membership.

Your company will join a growing number of influential companies and organisations who see Sustaining Membership of the Institute as a valuable business tool, as well as an opportunity to express support for the premier Corrosion Institute. More info