EuroCorr - 2017

EUROCORR 2017 and the 20th ICC & Process Safety Congress 2017, will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 3 to 7 September 2017. The Congress will provide a unique networking opportunity for scientists, representatives of research institutions, universities and industry and graduate students in a vibrant professional setting and atmosphere.

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Furthermore, the World Corrosion Organization has developed a new strategy for the future, including setting-up a conference series on potable water – the first of which will be at the Eurocorr Conference 2017 in Prague. It is planned that expert speakers from different regions of the world will report on the condition of water supply facilities in their countries, and how corrosion has an impact on them. It is also the aim to show best practices from the different regions of the world, and how corrosion protection can make a difference. The results of this workshop will be summarized in a White Paper which is intended to be published by the end of this year. This topic will then be continued at the NACE conference in 2018.

Last year there was also a change in WCO leadership, George Hays handed over the position of Director General to Willi Meier of DECHEMA Germany, who also holds the position of a Director General of the European Federation of Corrosion, and as such the links between WCO and EFC will be strengthened. George will focus now on his work with the UN to take that collaboration to a new level.