Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician

Registration for Institute of Corrosion Professional Members can now take place through the Registration Scheme with the Society of Environmental Engineers. This registration will confer the titles of Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Engineering Technician (EngTech) dependent upon the Candidate's qualifications and experience. Further information on Registration is provided in the e ECUK 'Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer Standard' and 'Engineering Technician Standard' which are available here

How will it work

A Candidate, who must be Professional Member of ICorr (i.e. Tech ICorr, MICorr, or FICorr), becomes a joint member of SEE (a special category to facilitate this agreement). For this, the Candidate gets all the membership benefits of SEE. It is not necessary to become a professional member of SEE to apply for ECUK Registration.

To become registered, the candidate complete the application form

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The form is then sent to The Secretary of the Engineering Committee, The Institute of Corrosion, Barratt House, Kingsthorpe Road, Northampton, NN2 6EZ.

The applicants Professional Membership status is confirmed and the form is then sent on to SEE where it is vetted for completeness, qualifications etc. If not complete, further information will be requested from the Candidate. Satisfactory applications will be submitted to the next SEE Education and Membership Committee meeting who will review the application and advise the Candidate of the most appropriate Registrant Grade and route for the Candidate.

SEE will then process and assess the Candidate using SEE formal procedures and the Candidate will then be requested to attend the Professional Review Interview.

If the Candidate is successful, he/she will be informed and will then be invoiced by SEE for the Joint Membership Fee and the ECUK one off registration fee and annual registration fee. When received, SEE will add the name of the Candidate to the Register and inform ECUK. Should the application not be successful, the Candidate will be informed.

Further information is available on SEE website,

ICorr would welcome any Professional Members who are already registered with ECUK through other societies who would be able and willing to assist with the Professional Review and Interview. Please send your details to and your corrosion specialisation if you are able to help as ICorr will need to provide a suitable specialist to assist with the interview as SEE interviewers may not be knowledgeable on specialist corrosion topics.