Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
mycareerpath CPD record database


mycareerpath® is an online professional development system, designed by the Engineering Council and adopted by many professional engineering institutions for use by their members. The system is mobile and tablet compatible, so records can be accessed or added to on-the-go.

The system is aligned with the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) for EngTech, IEng, and CEng. The system is also aligned with other titles such as CPhys, CEnv, and CSci, to provide one platform to suit all. Progress can be measured and tracked against the competence statements for the chosen registration category. It is also to be adapted for use with ICorr Certification Schemes and can also be used for individual’s company CPD reporting.

mycareerpath® is designed to help you to plan and record any activity that contributes to your professional competence (IPD and CPD). This could include mentoring colleagues, learning new techniques, attending training courses, involvement with a professional body, and other activities that contribute to the maintenance or development of knowledge and competence.

Using mycareerpath® puts your complete records in one place so that they can be simply and easily sent to your institution as part of your professional review, or to update them on your CPD record if you’re already registered. You could even send your complete records to your employer as part of your appraisal.

This database is available to all ICorr members to use via the Members Area of the website.