An International scientific, non-profit association for the study of corrosion and prevention of corrosion in pipes and pipeline systems; drinking and waste water, gas and oil.

A forum for high level technical exchange with an annual Congress and Working Parties that meet twice a year. Members are from most of Europe plus some non-European participation.

The Institute of Corrosion are ‘Adherent’ Members and have a place on the Board. The 2018 Congress will be in Stratford upon Avon.

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Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA)

Corrosion Prevention Association is a non-profit trade association representing consultants, contractors and manufacturers working in the field of corrosion prevention of steel in concrete and masonry. The CPA produces guidance notes and pre-standards related to methods of corrosion prevention and protection for steel in concrete and masonry. Techniques include cathodic protection (both impressed current and galvanic), realkalisation, chloride extraction and corrosion inhibitors.

Many members are also Members or Sustaining Members of the Institute of Corrosion. The CPA and ICorr work together in the delivery of the ICorr Training and Certification Scheme for Cathodic Protection Technicians in the sector of steel in concrete, in accordance with BS EN 15257.

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Marine Corrosion Forum (MCF)

Marine Corrosion Forum is a non-profit association for the exchange of technical knowledge on material and wet corrosion matters relevant to the marine, offshore and related industries. Its aim is to advance the practical, technical and scientific understanding of marine corrosion. It is UK based and meets 4 times per year, typically in London, Aberdeen and the Midlands. Its meetings are open to members and guests interested in membership.

Many members are also Members of the Institute of Corrosion. The MCF and ICorr are cooperating in efforts to bring new entrants into materials and corrosion engineering.

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Marine Painting Forum

The Marine Painting Forum provides for an interchange of information and ideas between companies involved in the manufacture, application and use of paints and related products in the marine industry.

Marine Painting Forum

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester:



UK National Physical Laboratory

UK National Physical Laboratory - on-line corrosion publications:


Sandvik Materials Properties

Sandvik materials properties, including corrosion resistance tables:

Shreir's Corrosion

Shreir's Corrosion:
available in hardcopy or online

Corrosion Doctors

Corrosion Doctors (Canadian site run by Dr. Pierre Roberge)

US Dept of Defence

US Dept of Defence: